Thursday, October 30, 2008

Greetings from IOWA!

Postcards seem to be poring in! Thank you so much guys, you are fantastic! IOWA came from our secret couple, the Finleys, who are traveling from NY to CA. They are so wonderful! I hope to meet them some day.

Here is an updated map. Colored states - we have, white states - don't have.

Europe Map

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

SLOVAKIA - Europe arrived!

Petr had a wonderful day. He recevied another new state! His dad told me he was laughing when he got Slovakia, because it is Another State. Czech Republic and Slovakia used to be one state (Czechoslovakia), most of you probably still remember that time :-) That's why this one had a special meaning to him. The card was sent by Natalia. I am sure lots of you remember her as an Exchange student in Canandaigua HS (from Slovakia) few years back. Thank you so much Natal! Miss ya here! Hope you will be able to visit us some day!
This is Natalka with Jesse Buck about 3 years ago. Can you believe it's Jesse? :-)


Petr just received a card from WISCONSIN from the Finleys. I can't figure out who they are but if you know them, can you let me know? This wonderful couple is from Canandaigua and I think they have sent several cards to Petr already... If you know them, can you say thank you for us?

Postcards to Prag for Petr

Some time ago, I started a postcard collection project for my little friend from Czech Republic, Petr Gutweil (12). He has had a tough time after his mom left several years ago. He has always been very quiet, shy with low self esteem. He felt very lonely and betrayed even though supported by his extraordinary #1 Dad, Petr.

The reason I started this project was to show him that he has lots of wonderful friends all over the world. Our goal is to collect at least one card from each state. Since I am living in the US, I focused on the USA. So far, we have collected 25states. He's been receiving some doubles or triples, but appreciates every card and studies every place on each postcard very closely. Also, if you add your email address, Petr will send a thank you email and his photo with your postcard as his appreciation.

I received many emails from Petr's dad, thanking to everyone who participated in this postcard project for his son. Petr's life has changed enormously, he loves going to school, has friends and loves sharing his postcard hobby. Petr even met with the Principal of his school, and they are planning on making a school display with his collection.

His story has been published in Daily Messenger on August 13Th, 2008. To read the whole story, please visit MPNnow-Postcards to Prag.
This story had a big response and Daily Messenger would like to publish updates on Petr's project.

Here is my proposition to you:
If you wish to join us and help to complete the USA part, or any parts of the world, you can:
1/ receive a 5x7 print for each new state (from previous sessions in LVP)
2/ one low resolution photo for my space or online diaries for each new state (from previous sessions in LVP)
3/ I will retouch and process your digital photo for every new state (color correction, sharpening, smoothing, special effects...)

I hope this will be motivation to you as much as it is for me to try to complete this project. Feel free to email me with any questions!
Please, help us to warm up one little boy's heart...

Details for sending a card:
All you need to do is get a postcard from state that is not covered (feel free to call your friends or family) and add a stamp (94cents) postage to Czech Republic,
send to this address:
Petr Gutweil
Oldrichova 42
128 00 Praha 2

As soon as Petr receives your postcard, you got a credit ready to be claimed! Don't forget to put your name and email on there! Usually, it takes 6-10 days for the mail to be delivered to Czech Republic. If a friend is sending a card for you, email me to let me know and I will watch for that state to apply the credit to you. There is no limit on states! You can earn as many credits as you wish!

Please, see the attached map for states we've covered. Colored states - covered, White states - NOT covered.