Monday, June 1, 2009

Postcard from FRANCE

As I promised, I would tell who sent the card from FRANCE. It was his dad! :-) Petr and his dad got a fantastic deal on a trip to Paris. Who wouldn't take it? So, here they are, traveling by train and visiting another country. I knew about this trip so I asked his dad to send a card to him as a surprise. He was really excited to do so, until they got there and he couldn't find a moment alone! Petr was stuck on his dad like a bee on a lollipop! :-) He managed though and the card surprise was a success. So, here is the story, and here few shots from their trip... Enjoy! I love the tower!

Meeting Petr in Czech

When I told Petr about our trip to Czech Republic, he was so excited! This was the first time we saw each other after I started this project for him. He wouldn't miss a chance to meet with us. We flew through Prag - the capital of Czech. He happens to be from Prag. :-) Since we had a layover for about two hours, Petr and his dad jumped on the train and met with us at the airport. We didn't look the best after 8 hours being stuck on the plane, but the boys didn't mind at all. All they wanted to do was riding the monster truck they saw as soon as we got out of the gate. :-) and it wasn't cheap! Oh boy! One bottle of coke - $5! Believe me, for Czech people, it's a loooooooot of money. :-) Well, here is few shots from the airport....
This is a photo of Jesse a Lucas looking at our plane...

and this is the famous electric truck they spent a fortune on...

... and getting ready for another flight from Prag to Ostrava, our destination, saying bye to Petr and his dad:

this one is already in Roznov pod Radhostem, my native town...

I took this one from Petr's blog :-) I really like that, because I don't get to relax with my feet up a lot.... :-)

Here is Petr and his dad saying good bye, and heading back to Prag. Of course, they didn't get away without posing with the last batch of postcards! After this, they headed back to Prag, about 5-hour drive... :-) Have a safe trip back, Petr and Petr!

Oh, and last, but not least, here is a portrait of Petr and his dad Petr. :-) What a bunch of good lookin dudes! :-)

May State Update - Only FIVE to go!

Me and my boys took a month off to go see our family and friends in Czech. While we were having fantastic time overseas, Petr received a big pile of cards! Some from the Europe, some from the US. I colored the new states and I see we are only missing 5 states! I am kinda sad... because the US part is getting done. What do we do after? :-) I guess work on the foreign countries. So, here is the new map.

Alabama (AL)
Idaho (ID)
Mississippi (MS)
Rhode Island (RI)
South Dakota (SD)

We also received new states from Europe: One was sent from Belgium and one from France. You wouldn't believe how sent this one ;-) Stay tuned, I will share later when I get more photos of the ones sending them. For now, here is the map: