Sunday, March 15, 2009

MINNESOTA and DELAWARE joined our club!

Another card just arrived, from Kerry a Mike Hogy, from MINNESOTA. I just received their photo and I can't wait to share it with you. Thank you guys! It is fantastic to be able to fill out another white spot in our MAP! :-)

... and this is a photo of Michael McCarthy, his wife Amy and children Aidan and Lauren. Michael is a teacher in my son's school and Michael was so excited to help us! :-) I know there are other cards coming thanks to him and his family, so I will definitely post their photo again :-) THANKS Michael and Amy! You are the best! :-)

DELAWARE is a tiny state, but we still found someone to join our Postcard club! :-) The card came from the Doran family and we would love to send them a note back, but the address got stamped over by the postal services. So, if you can email us the address, Petr would love to email back!

Thank you so much guys! Petr is taking lots of extra English classes hoping he will thank everyone personally one day! :-)


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