Tuesday, March 31, 2009

We are in News Papers Again!

I received a phone call from the wonderful Mrs. Button today. :-) I couldn't hear very well, because she called my cell phone and the reception wasn't as clear, but I think she is behind all this. :-) She was very excited to ask me if I read the papers today. I never read papers! :-), but as soon as she told me about the yellow "Buttom Line" articles, I ran to a store and got not one, but several of them :-) Someone, and I think it was the Buttons ;-) put an article in about Petr's Postcards. I could not believe it! I just posted Hawaii on the blog and it's already in papers! :-) I really want to thank everyone for supporting my project. I knew I would get a bit of cards for Petr, but it NEVER crossed my mind, that I would really finish it! I have been asking people to send cards about a year ago, and we are only 8 states away from finishing. I am sooo happy, but on the other hand.... kinda sad.... what will I do next!? :-) I am sure I will find something else... :-) to do... So, again, thank you sooooo much to everyone who is not only part of this project but also read this BLOG, because I feel sometimes like I am just reading and writing to myself. :-) THANKS SOOOO MUCH EVERYONE! Especially the wonderful Mr. and Mrs. Buttons! :-) I think it's time for another quick photo shoot with me ;-) Don't worry, I will swing by so that you don't have to! :-)


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