Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Christmas Card

Oh, and of course... our wonderful painted and printed on Canvas Christmas card from the Bucks.... Petr must have a separate collection from us already :-) He really liked it so I thought I would share it with all of you too....

Maps and Updates

It was so hard to find a nice map to picture the overseas states... well... I hope I did OK. :-) ENJOY! This is such a fun project! Thank you everyone for help and if you can help with any of the uncolored states, we would love you to join us!
This is and update on the US states. I cannot believe we are only missing 13 states! This is really fantastic....

Alabama (AL)
Delaware (DE)
Hawaii (HI)
Idaho (ID)
Kentucky (KY)
Minnesota (MN)
Mississippi (MS)
North Dakota(ND)
Oklahoma (OK)
Oregon (OR)
Rhode Island (RI)
South Dakota (SD)
Wyoming (WY)

Map of Europe states: How cool is that! :-)

East Asia states:


I think China surprised Petr quite a bit.... I was lucky to catch my friend talking about her husband traveling that way :-) As busy as he is on his business trips he really found a moment and sent a card from the Flinton family.... Guys, thank you so much! And... here is a portrait we took few hours after Dave returned from his China trip :-)


I can't tell who sent a card from NEW MEXICO... I was sent by Paul Torno, and unfortunatelly we have no picture to share, but Paul, if you ever come across our blog and would like to share your photo, we would definitely love to post one!

Next New state we have KANSAS. We were so lucky to get this one Twice! First one was from my wonderful friend Marian and her husband Dan. They sent several cards, and I am so greatful to have them for my friends...
Here is few photos of Marian, Don and their youngest grandchildern,they are cute as a button!

The other KANSAS came from my friends in Arizona... Larry is a pillot and remembered Petr again while having layover in Kansas... They sent several cards already and I cannot thank them enough... THANK YOU SO MUCH the HANNA Family!

Gifting time ...

Petr is not only getting cards, but he is receiving little gifts! I am really proud of our people here.... thank you everyone for bringing so much joy into Petr's life!
Few months back here received a T-shirt from Bob from TX. He has couple of very talented kids, one is an amazing swimmer and the other is catching fish in sizes you wouldn't believe! So, because he is a swimming instructor, he sent Petr a shirt ... check it out! :-) AWESOME! Thank you Bob!

Before Christmas, he received a thick envelope... guess what was in there! A Xmas card with one dollar in it! Petr has never held a dollar bill in his hand! :-) Mrs. and Mr. Button, trust me! This dollar will never get spent! It's going straight into his Keepsake box! You guys are so wonderful!

RUSSIA is here!

I have to honest, Sunny sent this letter and a card about a month ago, but I have been so busy, I never posted an update.... She wrote the whole story to Petr, it was fantastic! He got this huge postcard with lots St. Petersburg on it.... I have to share this photo with you too...

... and this is Sunny, my faithful reader :-) Isn't she Gorgeous?

Back in business!

After an unbelievable busy month, I am so happy to be back in business! We received number of new states and I am so thrilled to post them today! I cannot express how excited I was to find a sitter for my two little ones and catch up on all the work I have! So, in this email I would like to post few Peter's photos... I remember sending him a card with my family on it... and he was very surprised :-) Not that he received a postcard with our photo on it... he also received a card with HIMSELF on it! :-) Of course, designed and created by my maestro MYSELF :-) I LOVE challenging myself. Peter is so easy to please and surprised that it pushes me farther and farther to surprise this young man :-) I love the look on his face when he gets them :-) So here is few.....
This is Peter and two of his favorite cards... :-) it better be! :-) It's my family! and his photo :-)
If for nothing else.... this whole project paid off by seeing Petr's HUGE SMILES ...

This photo, ladies and gentlemen, was taken exclusively for myself! :-) Petr is planning on sending this gigantic piece of chocolate to me! Well... no rush Petr, take your time...... BUT the Sooner THE BETTER! :-) This will be my favorite photo and will be coming back to look every day until I receive it! I really hope you didn't eat it yet... :-)