Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Visiting the Buttons

Wade and Sandy Button sent several cards to Petr, not only from the US, but from Germany as well. They also sent a package with goodies and $1 bill for keepsake. He was sooo excited! He said: "I have seen a dollar bill before, but never held one! Now, I have one of my own!" Isn't he adorable? :-) Well, Jesse, Lucas and I decided to visit the Buttons. First I wanted to find out if they were the ones publishing the article in the papers, but NOPE.... not them :-) So the only person I could think of is the lady who published the first article. I can't tell for sure because I haven't heard from her back... but does it really matter? NO! We are sooo happy that people know about us and our little BIG project. :-) No matter what.... if you are THE ONE and read this note, please accept our huuuge thank you!
Anyway, here is a photo of my boys and the Buttons. I never photograph people in the sun, but squinty shot can be really cute ones in a while.... so here is ours! :-) Mrs. Button send some Easter goodies, and trust me, they didn't last very long! As soon as we got in the car, the boys ate them like they have never had candy before! :-) Thank you Buttons! It was soooo nice to see you!


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