Saturday, August 1, 2009

States Updates

I have to publish the new states but before I get the family photos from those who sent them, I thought it would be cool to mention those new additions! Here is the update on the states: We received MISSISSIPI and SOUTH DAKOTA! Can you believe it? We are only THREE states away from finishing the USA part! I would Love your help now. These are the missing states:

Alabama (AL)
Idaho (ID)
Rhode Island (RI)

We also have a new EUROPE state! It was sent by my friend, Denda and her family. They went on vacation to CROATIA and definitely didn't forget to send a card! I will post their photo and postcard as soon as I receive them.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


I know I have been so behind with all the posting but I will try to catch up. That's a promise! :-) Petr received not just new states, but also an offer to visit Belgium and use one of my friend's apartment! Did they take the offer? Absolutely! The good guy's name is Martin and he is from a town named Roznov pod Radhostem, the town I grew up in. I actually visited Czech couple of months ago, and his girlfriend Blanka offered to contact Martin, who works in Belgium, to join our project and send a card from there. He was absolutely fantastic! He sent a postcard and emailed Petr ton of photos from Belgium. I think it really is worth sharing them with.
This is a photo of Martin and his girlfriend Blanka. They are both absolutely fantastic. Thank you so much for being part of this postcard thingy! :-)

... and here are few images from Belgium. It is such a beautiful country! I will definitely make another post with Petr's visit in Belgium and let Petr say few words, but I would like this post to be only Martin's and Blanka's, because they definitely deserve this spot for being so generous! Martin and Blanka, you are the best! :-)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Postcard from FRANCE

As I promised, I would tell who sent the card from FRANCE. It was his dad! :-) Petr and his dad got a fantastic deal on a trip to Paris. Who wouldn't take it? So, here they are, traveling by train and visiting another country. I knew about this trip so I asked his dad to send a card to him as a surprise. He was really excited to do so, until they got there and he couldn't find a moment alone! Petr was stuck on his dad like a bee on a lollipop! :-) He managed though and the card surprise was a success. So, here is the story, and here few shots from their trip... Enjoy! I love the tower!

Meeting Petr in Czech

When I told Petr about our trip to Czech Republic, he was so excited! This was the first time we saw each other after I started this project for him. He wouldn't miss a chance to meet with us. We flew through Prag - the capital of Czech. He happens to be from Prag. :-) Since we had a layover for about two hours, Petr and his dad jumped on the train and met with us at the airport. We didn't look the best after 8 hours being stuck on the plane, but the boys didn't mind at all. All they wanted to do was riding the monster truck they saw as soon as we got out of the gate. :-) and it wasn't cheap! Oh boy! One bottle of coke - $5! Believe me, for Czech people, it's a loooooooot of money. :-) Well, here is few shots from the airport....
This is a photo of Jesse a Lucas looking at our plane...

and this is the famous electric truck they spent a fortune on...

... and getting ready for another flight from Prag to Ostrava, our destination, saying bye to Petr and his dad:

this one is already in Roznov pod Radhostem, my native town...

I took this one from Petr's blog :-) I really like that, because I don't get to relax with my feet up a lot.... :-)

Here is Petr and his dad saying good bye, and heading back to Prag. Of course, they didn't get away without posing with the last batch of postcards! After this, they headed back to Prag, about 5-hour drive... :-) Have a safe trip back, Petr and Petr!

Oh, and last, but not least, here is a portrait of Petr and his dad Petr. :-) What a bunch of good lookin dudes! :-)

May State Update - Only FIVE to go!

Me and my boys took a month off to go see our family and friends in Czech. While we were having fantastic time overseas, Petr received a big pile of cards! Some from the Europe, some from the US. I colored the new states and I see we are only missing 5 states! I am kinda sad... because the US part is getting done. What do we do after? :-) I guess work on the foreign countries. So, here is the new map.

Alabama (AL)
Idaho (ID)
Mississippi (MS)
Rhode Island (RI)
South Dakota (SD)

We also received new states from Europe: One was sent from Belgium and one from France. You wouldn't believe how sent this one ;-) Stay tuned, I will share later when I get more photos of the ones sending them. For now, here is the map:

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Visiting the Buttons

Wade and Sandy Button sent several cards to Petr, not only from the US, but from Germany as well. They also sent a package with goodies and $1 bill for keepsake. He was sooo excited! He said: "I have seen a dollar bill before, but never held one! Now, I have one of my own!" Isn't he adorable? :-) Well, Jesse, Lucas and I decided to visit the Buttons. First I wanted to find out if they were the ones publishing the article in the papers, but NOPE.... not them :-) So the only person I could think of is the lady who published the first article. I can't tell for sure because I haven't heard from her back... but does it really matter? NO! We are sooo happy that people know about us and our little BIG project. :-) No matter what.... if you are THE ONE and read this note, please accept our huuuge thank you!
Anyway, here is a photo of my boys and the Buttons. I never photograph people in the sun, but squinty shot can be really cute ones in a while.... so here is ours! :-) Mrs. Button send some Easter goodies, and trust me, they didn't last very long! As soon as we got in the car, the boys ate them like they have never had candy before! :-) Thank you Buttons! It was soooo nice to see you!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

We are in News Papers Again!

I received a phone call from the wonderful Mrs. Button today. :-) I couldn't hear very well, because she called my cell phone and the reception wasn't as clear, but I think she is behind all this. :-) She was very excited to ask me if I read the papers today. I never read papers! :-), but as soon as she told me about the yellow "Buttom Line" articles, I ran to a store and got not one, but several of them :-) Someone, and I think it was the Buttons ;-) put an article in about Petr's Postcards. I could not believe it! I just posted Hawaii on the blog and it's already in papers! :-) I really want to thank everyone for supporting my project. I knew I would get a bit of cards for Petr, but it NEVER crossed my mind, that I would really finish it! I have been asking people to send cards about a year ago, and we are only 8 states away from finishing. I am sooo happy, but on the other hand.... kinda sad.... what will I do next!? :-) I am sure I will find something else... :-) to do... So, again, thank you sooooo much to everyone who is not only part of this project but also read this BLOG, because I feel sometimes like I am just reading and writing to myself. :-) THANKS SOOOO MUCH EVERYONE! Especially the wonderful Mr. and Mrs. Buttons! :-) I think it's time for another quick photo shoot with me ;-) Don't worry, I will swing by so that you don't have to! :-)

Saturday, March 28, 2009


I am so excited! We finally got HAWAII! Petr said he was very surprised. He tried to find a shorter way to Hawaii from Czech and he said it would probably be shorter going over China :-) Smart young man! :-) Well, this card came from my wonderful friends from Arizona, while being on vacation in KAUAI. Not sure if I spelled it right :-) Augie and Peggy got on the MSN and asked if I have Hawaii yet. Since I hadn't, they promised to send one, and YES! They sent it! Thank you so much guys! I hope you don't mind me stealing this photo from your facebook. :-) I just couldn't resist. Soooooooooooooooo adoooorable! Miss you guys.... Thanks TONS for the card! Another one down!

I couldn't help it not to post the postcard. Orange color and sunsets are my Favorite photo subjects. Love it!

This is a photo of the Fernandez family:

... and since i just received this photo, I thought it would be nice to share it with you. This is Petr coloring his HAWAII addition on his MAP. How cute! :-) Coloring at 13! ;-) I color ones in a while :-)))

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Another Update on states covered

OK, here is another update. Nothing has changed on overseas states so I am not posting the update on those; however, the US states are filling up so fast! I am really excited! Do you happen to know anyone from these states? We would LOVE your help! :-) Thank you so much everyone. I am so grateful for everyone's effort and help to bring so much happiness into Petr's life! His dad cannot express his gratefulness to all those wonderful people who helped to change his son's life...

Alabama (AL)
Hawaii (HI)
Idaho (ID)
Mississippi (MS)
North Dakota(ND)
Oklahoma (OK)
Rhode Island (RI)
South Dakota (SD)
Wyoming (WY)

MINNESOTA and DELAWARE joined our club!

Another card just arrived, from Kerry a Mike Hogy, from MINNESOTA. I just received their photo and I can't wait to share it with you. Thank you guys! It is fantastic to be able to fill out another white spot in our MAP! :-)

... and this is a photo of Michael McCarthy, his wife Amy and children Aidan and Lauren. Michael is a teacher in my son's school and Michael was so excited to help us! :-) I know there are other cards coming thanks to him and his family, so I will definitely post their photo again :-) THANKS Michael and Amy! You are the best! :-)

DELAWARE is a tiny state, but we still found someone to join our Postcard club! :-) The card came from the Doran family and we would love to send them a note back, but the address got stamped over by the postal services. So, if you can email us the address, Petr would love to email back!

Thank you so much guys! Petr is taking lots of extra English classes hoping he will thank everyone personally one day! :-)

KENTUCKY is covered!

We received not one but TWO Kentucky cards at ones! It is fantastic. They came from Annetta King a Delena McGuire. Thank you so much for joining our project ladies! Petr was so excited! You broke the postcard silence after a while!
This is a photo of Delena and her brother, who is a Marine stationed in California. Delena is also a postcard collector and she told us she is very excited seeing someone so young to find a positive outlet :-) (you have no idea what this means for Petr). Thank you so much for sharing your photo! :-) We love knowing all the wonderful people who are part of this project!

Monday, February 23, 2009


Seems like we had a little after the holidays break in receiving cards, but we are back in business! My wonderful clients and friends asked their friends living in Oregon ... (just a second... let me check the spelling... :-) ) ... correct... :-) and they sent a card to Petr. I don't have a photo of the family sending it, but I will post it as soon as I get one. This photo is the family who contacted their friends. I just photographed they gorgeous little man, Henry. Thank you so much Rachel and Steve! We really appreciate you joined our World famous project! :-)

... and here is the promised photo of the family who sent the Oregon card, Sarah, her husband Eric, and baby girl Cecelia. Thank you sooooo so much for moving us forward one state! :-)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Christmas Card

Oh, and of course... our wonderful painted and printed on Canvas Christmas card from the Bucks.... Petr must have a separate collection from us already :-) He really liked it so I thought I would share it with all of you too....

Maps and Updates

It was so hard to find a nice map to picture the overseas states... well... I hope I did OK. :-) ENJOY! This is such a fun project! Thank you everyone for help and if you can help with any of the uncolored states, we would love you to join us!
This is and update on the US states. I cannot believe we are only missing 13 states! This is really fantastic....

Alabama (AL)
Delaware (DE)
Hawaii (HI)
Idaho (ID)
Kentucky (KY)
Minnesota (MN)
Mississippi (MS)
North Dakota(ND)
Oklahoma (OK)
Oregon (OR)
Rhode Island (RI)
South Dakota (SD)
Wyoming (WY)

Map of Europe states: How cool is that! :-)

East Asia states:


I think China surprised Petr quite a bit.... I was lucky to catch my friend talking about her husband traveling that way :-) As busy as he is on his business trips he really found a moment and sent a card from the Flinton family.... Guys, thank you so much! And... here is a portrait we took few hours after Dave returned from his China trip :-)


I can't tell who sent a card from NEW MEXICO... I was sent by Paul Torno, and unfortunatelly we have no picture to share, but Paul, if you ever come across our blog and would like to share your photo, we would definitely love to post one!

Next New state we have KANSAS. We were so lucky to get this one Twice! First one was from my wonderful friend Marian and her husband Dan. They sent several cards, and I am so greatful to have them for my friends...
Here is few photos of Marian, Don and their youngest grandchildern,they are cute as a button!

The other KANSAS came from my friends in Arizona... Larry is a pillot and remembered Petr again while having layover in Kansas... They sent several cards already and I cannot thank them enough... THANK YOU SO MUCH the HANNA Family!